Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Do You Ever Google Yourself...?

so, while rummaging around the internet today, i came across this photo. it's me playing in my band Gyre back in april of 2006. it was taken at the middle east in cambridge. we did a 10 date tour (the Intensity in Ten Cities Tour!) with our buddies A Modern Love Story...man, i miss those idiots. ohh well, Julian Day will be hopping on tour with them this summer (prolly in june), so i'll get more than my fill then.

it's also amazing that this site is still around. buntee productions was kind of a project i had while attending depaul. it was a DIY show promotion thingee...very technical. we threw shows in a classroom at depaul and i lost a lot of money because i always made sure the bands got paid. we booked some cool bands: as tall as lions, ryan's hope, the felix culpa, sally, etc. it was a good time in my life.

so, also, there's this "25 random things about me" survey that's been going around facebook land. i haven't filled it out yet, but i've been tagged in two. one of them is for my friend raechel. she takes one of the slots to talk about all of the bands that she has been in...and one of them was with me! The Glow of 1804! so, i found some old pictures of the two of us, though none of us actually playing. here are my favorites:

boy do i miss playing music with her. and i miss all of the cigarettes as well. our band was a chance to say all of the cute/awkwardly romantic things that i was never able to actually say out loud to someone. it was also an excuse for me to drink a lot of whiskey. she was always the face (and a pretty one at that) of the band...i just played guitar and sang in a gruffy voice. it was wonderful. sample lyrics follow:

"craving cecil county and its crapshoot of a town. the nights are always longer when the stars are out." - Petticoat Blues

"the weatherman calls for rough seas, i call for you and me and maybe, of both, i should be afraid" - The Pier is Closed

one of these days, i'm going to finally sit down with all of our old recordings and start going over them and re-recording them and adding more...then i'll fly raechel out here and we'll actually finish something that resembeles a record...cause i think those old songs deserve that.

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