Wednesday, January 28, 2009

One Thing I Miss...

about chicago is all of the ice and snow. we got our first kind of snowstorm the other facilitated an excellent evening, but the complete lack of a follow-through by this "winter-storm" was upsetting. i want huge flakes - catchable and cool - and i want to go sledding. my brother and i had a plan to hit up the large hill by our house, but why bother when the snow turns sleet, turns to freezing rain, turns to plain rain, which is wonderful but tends to ruin the sledding landscape. ohh well.

i had an unoaked chardonnay from oregon today...delicious. chehalem was the producer and the wine was called inox. very pale in color with a nice nose as well. spoke with nadjya last night for the first time since my new-years trip to the windy city. she informed me that i have a twin. apparently she has a young man in her class that speaks about literature the same way she remembers me speaking about it...kinda cool, but it makes me miss school, especially my english and creative writing classes. which reminds me, i need to call adam and have him ship me back my richard jones anthology...i've been craving it recently.

leading my first book discussion next month at the library. we're doin the road by cormac mccarthy. to say i'm excited would be a gross understatement. also looking forward to reading disquiet, which i just picked up mostly because i've been seeing the cover pop up in a bunch of places and i absolutely love it...the cover that is...we'll see about the book.

ohh, and my year end list has been published on

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