Friday, March 6, 2009

some free music...

one of the most interesting labels in America, Deathwish Inc., has just released a compilation of a lot of unreleased songs from their back catalogue. the Boston-based label is the brainchild of Converge frontman Jacob Bannon and they have been putting out challanging, if not always entirely listenable, "extreme" music for quite some time now. Bannon does most of the artwork for the releases and also has an eagerly anticipated solo album arriving via Deathwish later this year (we hope; it keeps getting pushed back!).

so, the label not only supports its own diverse roster of hardcore, crust-metal, grind and experimental music, but it also has an offshoot called Malfunction Records and handles the vinyl releases for a lot of the underground hardcore/punk/metal scene. Anyway, this is a great label that loves to give stuff away. check out the compilation right here.

my chicago trip with Barb is less than two weeks away! can not wait to show her around and get some much needed time away from the tri-state area. while we count down the days, here is a new poem that is in a very early stage of developement. it's about my grandfather...i think:

He will be tough enough

He will be tough enough
for the dirt.
And withstand
sediment for years.
(to those still interested),
with strong bones,
the strength he carried beneath
pearl buttons and white

Breath will
never rattle through velvet
linings and packed
terraform, though his voice
will manage to speak,
words chosen,
a revelation
and a memory;
something new, begging
to be relived.

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